Brandon “Brevax” Moreno is one of Upscaled’s four founding members. Shortly after his recent signing with TSM as a video editor and motion designer, ONE37pm, a company founded to create content “at the intersections of culture, style, music, and esports…” Aaron Don (@137Don) of ONE37pm reached out for an interview with Brandon during their Inside the Screen segment about his position with Upscaled, TSM, and his future in esports. 

Image Credit: ONE37pm

Conceptually, the ONE37pm interviews are to ask the most desired questions in 137 seconds while still supplying interesting and important information about the person being interviewed. They offer you a quick grasp of a person of interest without the length of a normal interview. Perfect for platforms like Tik Tok and Youtube Shorts; some of the largest growing platforms in the world. 

During Brandon’s interview, Aaron asked questions about his origins, becoming an editor and motion designer, co-owning Upscaled and his inspirations in the scene. Brandon went into detail, describing how Upscaled’s purpose is to provide top tier channel management, video editing, thumbnail design, intro videos and more.