This past week, Upscaled co-founder Leo Velasquez had the pleasure of working with Summer In Tha Carolinas to shoot content for the festival’s recap. The one-day festival featured an array of talent varying in popularity including artists like BIGBABYGUCCI, TiaCorine, The LO$T Generation, a tribute set dedicated to the late Cloudy Nueve and many more talents local to North Carolina. During the event, Leo had the opportunity to film the live performances and create recaps of the festival’s talent.

Image credit: Leo Velasquez

The idea for the festival, started by NOAHH and his group The Lo$t Generation, sparked after a long-anticipated show which was eventually canceled due to COVID-19 protocols in early March 2020. The original show featured The Lo$t Generation, BIGBABYGUCCI, 10cellphones, Felix Wood and TiaCorine. The Lo$t Generation has been doing shows locally since 2014 and created this festival as a way to shine light on all the talent and amazing things North Carolina has to offer. Beyond the artistry, the event also included local vendors and food to truly make this event embody North Carolina. In the future, Summer In Tha hopes to expand to other states and do the same thing; showcasing the newest talent to fresh ears across America. Featured below is a recap of artist Marco Luka’s performance at the festival.

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