Today, Upscaled is proud to announce their partnership with start-up design studio Magichouse Media. Magichouse, who helped design and execute the Upscaled site, brings beautiful minimalism and cutting-edge visuals to the forefront of web design and delivers finely-crafted websites fitted for corporate and consumer needs. 

Image Credit: Magichouse Media

Magichouse deems itself a company with “pragmatic technologists” that “firmly believe in deploying the right tools for the right job to ensure optimal results.” There “knowledge, experience and holistic perspective ensure that all angles are covered—from understanding organizational needs to devising practical and responsive solutions.”

The group has a balanced focus on uniquely stunning visuals and ground-up development, which makes them an inevitable industry leader in web design and graphic design.

Upscaled looks forward to their partnership with Magichouse and hopes to build many new relationships with other brands through both of their expertise—media and design.