Winter In Tha Carolinas, a festival founded by Noahh—member of festival-favorite group The Lo$t Generation—was created following the cancellation of a popular concert that was to feature The Lo$t Generation, BIGBABYGUCCI and more in March of 2020. After success this past season with Summer In Tha Carolinas, the founder decided he would host an indoor festival for the winter to hold fans over.

Pictured Noahh 8211 Photo courtesy of Leo Velasquez

The one-day lineup consisted of a wide-variety of talent, including well-known artists like Mavi, Kevin Powers, Millie Go Lightly and Baby Draco. Upscaled Media had the opportunity to capture live performances, providing both photography and videography on-site.

Pictured Baby Draco 8211 Photo courtesy of Leo Velasquez

Jordan Scripa, Senior Content Writer at Upscaled Media, had the opportunity to ask Noahh, founder of the initiative, a few questions:

Q. Both North and South Carolina are far from talentless, however, they have a relatively small foothold compared to other states—California, New York, Georgia and Florida. What do you think has contributed to the growth of artists coming from North and South Carolina?

  • In my opinion, North Carolina is an underdog. Everybody is starting to realize its potential yet still don’t give it the attention it deserves. We’ve had newer artists blow up, like DaBaby, Toosii, Morray, Tia Corine, BigBabyGucci, Mavi, Belis, J. Cole, Cloudy Nueve, Sauxe Pack and many more. They have all contributed to bringing more attention to North Carolina.

Q. I can imagine building a festival lineup is incredibly exciting, but as you build a brand and establish notoriety, you’re going to have a larger reach and be able to talk to more people. Out of all the artists you have pooled together for InThaFest lineups, which were the most shocking?

  • The biggest “wow” artists have definitely been Mavi and Millie Go Lightly—we’ve been able to work together despite not having a prior relationship. With most of the previous events, it consisted of artists that I knew personally, or that somebody I knew told me about—I like the feeling of building something organic with people I believe in. Mavi and Millie were both recommended to me by very close friends and to have secured them made me very happy— giving that experience to our audience is eye-opening.

Q. Growing up in Ohio, I feel like I don’t recognize how much talent is around here until I really dig. With hubs of local talent pooled in every city, do you have any plans to move the InThaFest to other cities in the next few years?

  • My goal is to expand InThaFest globally. I want to take the concept and build upon said local communities. It’s going to take some time, but I’m excited. I’ve discussed the potential for shows in Los Angeles, Texas, Atlanta, New York and Orlando—one of those will be the next InThaFest destination.

Q. Do you have any favorite moments from the festivals this year?

  • My favorite moments, being an artist, were crowd-surfing and performing. Meeting all the people, gaining their support, seeing the smiles on their faces—I do this because I love it—it’s my dream but, beyond that, to create an atmosphere where people can feel happy and get a release from all the negativity they go through day-to-day is fulfilling.