This week, the founding team of Upscaled Media launched a new sister company Interval. The company aims to “assemble the best creative talent in an environment built for betterment, [and] will have creative talent and social impact at its heart.” 

Upon launch, the venture will have three divisions that encompass everything media including television & film, commercials, and documentary & audio divisions. Interval released their very first music video entitled “Everybody Knows”  in collaboration with Wake Forest, North Carolina artist NOAHH. Interval will be representing talent including Baby Draco, TGBEAM, Sonny Miles, among others.

Video credit: Interval YouTube

At its core, Interval looks to collaborate with both established and emerging talents across the globe with an aim to “make genre-defining content that not only moves and entertains, but also impacts positive change.” according to Leo Velasquez, board member of Upscaled Media

Be sure to check out Interval on Instagram for behind-the-scenes photography and videography detailing future productions.