HyperX HXCKED, a live-broadcast event, features professional athletes and celebrities playing their favorite games alongside fans. Their first guest was Joel Embiid, center for the Philadelphia 76ers, who played FIFA 21 exclusively. The stream featured giveaways, fan challenges and more. The newest event, the first Upscaled helped in producing assets for, featured special guest JuJu Smith-Schuster, wide receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Image credit Dalton 8220Rity8221 Sands Sr Graphic Designer

Zoned, a Cut + Sew company, was built on the concept that attention to detail and precision are of the utmost importance (Zoned, 2021). Zoned looks to bridge the gap between gaming and culture through the media lens, offering business development, educational workshops, content production and digital media, go-to-market strategies and a multitude of other services provided on their website.

Upscaled co-founder Raine Adams responded for comment, saying ”we look forward to helping enhance future HyperX HXCKED events alongside Zoned.”

To watch the most recent HyperX HXCKED event, check out the HyperX Twitch channel.