20 Questions has been regularly hosted by HyperX. With talent from the gaming scene answering the trendiest topics, the series previously featured Lachlan, TenZ, Valkyrae and Hamlinz, among others.

In their newest addition, HyperX invited TimTheTatman to answer the questions the internet has been asking. With Tim being one of the biggest names on YouTube, coupled with his recent success, the video is sure to answer some of the most popular questions.

Video credit: Leo Velasquez and Gionni Saracino, Founding Team

In collaboration with Zoned, Upscaled helped execute the optimization, branded animations and post production for the campaign. This is the second HyperX campaign Upscaled has taken on, with HyperX HXCKED being the first. Upscaled is looking forward to delivering future contributions to campaigns for HyperX in the upcoming year.

To check out TimTheTatman’s episode in this series, watch here.