Kalei Renay, a Warzone content creator and streamer partnered with Upscaled, hit 100,000 subscribers on YouTube earlier today after just one month of daily uploads. Renay’s content is a fresh, welcoming presence on both Twitch and YouTube – a reminder that dedication is everything in esports.

Image credit: @kaleirenay on Instagram

Since working with Upscaled, Kalei has grown more than 20K subscribers and over 30K Twitch followers. Brandon Moreno, a co-founder of the studio, responded for comment saying that “the goal of high-quality production is making Kalei the most recognizable female gaming creator.” Renay’s channel grows at a median rate of over 500 subscribers a day, which she only wants to improve. Upscaled looks forward to helping Renay in the near future as she continues to shine bright in the face of competition.

Check out her YouTube channel here.