Most people don’t know what an NFT is. Only 0.009% of internet users own NFTs. Just last month, the top NFT marketplace made more than $3bn in sales. Probably nothing.

Here are four ways to use NFTs to grow your business.

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1. Create New Products

NFTs make it easier to create digital products collectibles – you can create collectibles that compliment your products and also capture historical moments of your business.

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2. Create Engagement

NFTs can act as tickets to exclusive experiences. Bored Ape Yacht Club gives its owners access – they’re even
opening a holder-only club in Miami. Encourage sales – give NFT holders exclusive access to events,
early access to new products, or even voting rights to your product roadmap.

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3. Reward Superfans

NFTs can act as verification for reward programs. Robotos is an NFT project that gives its holders free monthly art
drops. NFT holders get more assets that they can trade up – they’ll share
the gospel. Win-win.

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4. Earn Royalties

NFTs let you setup automatic royalties. Whenever your NFT is sold in the secondary market, you earn
a percentage. Epic Eagles is an NFT project that released its art for free for first-time buyers and is now making money on new sales.