Formerly known as Ghost Aydan, This professional Fortnite player turned Call of Duty Warzone competitor and creator has signed with Upscaled. Aydan, who was one of the first controller players to dominate at the highest level in Fortnite, moved to Warzone and has shown why he can dominate on any platform. Rumors are currently circulating that ANDBOX has their eyes set on signing Aydan as their first full time Warzone streamer and creator. Since switching to Warzone, Aydan has become the highest earning player in its short but impactful history. Dominating tournaments and customs much like he did in TWO regions on Fortnite.

Aydan has gathered incredible numbers since his very beginnings, amassing millions of followers across his multiple platforms including over 1 Million on Youtube and Twitter, and over 2 Million on Twitch.

In just its first two days of operation, Upscaled has signed its first of many creators… and a big one at that. Watch as Upscaled continues to expand their roster in the coming months.