Last night, FaZe Clan member and streamer Kalei Renay was invited onto the Rolling Stone stream for an interview. The interviewer, Jon Weigell from Rolling Stone, asked a series of questions pertaining to her past, motivations, goals and being a woman in the gaming space.

Renay started streaming to “form a very strong community.” Renay goes on to say “I never pictured this to be my job – I just wanted to make friends.” Seeing the success of other streamers was something she envied, stating “I always thought what they achieved was so cool – I want something like that.”

Image credit: Rolling Stone Twitch

Her dedication to streaming goes beyond the boundaries of your average streamer. Renay’s goal isn’t to have a schedule for streaming, She said, “I’ve never had a schedule. I will be live when I wake up. If you see my good morning tweet, you know I will be live within the next hour.” Her grind is unmatched in that her hunger for both growing as a streamer and a gamer go beyond your average internet personality.

To view the full interview, visit: Rolling Stone Twitch