After a long streak of dominance at the highest level in Counter Strike, CLG bENITA looks to grow herself through content and competition on the world’s hottest competitive FPS Valorant. As she moves on to Valorant she leaves behind a legacy of eight world championships. But competing is far from over. As she moves on, she will be taking on the In Game Leader position; or IGL for short. Her goal as the IGL is to put her team in positions to win by making calls on the team’s behalf. She will be leading the CLG Red roster in hopes to bring home yet another trophy for her massive collection 

This eight time champion was looking to grow outside of competition, and what better way to get involved in the constantly shifting eSports scene than through content creation. Since signing a contract with Upscaled, bENITA has racked up 23,000 likes on tik tok and is constantly growing on all other social platforms. We look forward to working with bENITA as she continues to crush the competition in both Valorant, and in content creation.